Sterling Heights Bird Control Most of us will be fond of watching birds in their natural habitat. It is just quite unfortunate that they can be a major nuisance once they decided to stay at our property. With the acidic property of their droppings, they can be unsightly and cause the deterioration of your building structure. We are a company that can offer you a comprehensive anti-roosting and anti-nesting system. We can help install custom-made spikes that keep the sparrows and pigeons from perching and building a nest. We will not just apply short-term treatment; we will be aggressive in dealing directly with the problem's source. We are committed to using state-of-the-art methods combined with safe and non-toxic solutions and new technologies. We have gone a long way since the day we opened for business; we are currently the largest bird removal and exclusion company in the state. However, we will not stop from that; we hope that we will be able to extend our serviceable area in the other states in the coming years. We believe that with the continued support of the people and the expertise of our technicians and staff, we will continue to grow and be the company that you want us to be.

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